Assisting “Slow Learners” in the Primary Education System

Slow Learners

Raising Awareness of Invisible Disabilities in Education

Raising Awareness


Engaging Learners Through Inquiry-Based Learning

Rosa KemirembeInquiry-based learning is a learning process by which students’ curiosity is piqued through making connections to the real world by asking rich questions, making observations, investigating and carrying out research.

How well Do Teachers Know Their Students?

Rosa Mushega

Rosa Mirembe Mushega Founder/Owner Teaching for Success

How can Parents Help Their Children Succeed in School?

How Can Parents Help Their Children Succeed?


Give a Child's Reading Comprehension Skills a Booster Shot

Do all fluent readers have strong reading comprehension skills? As an educator, I have experienced occasions where parents dispute the results of their child’s reading assessments. They assume that their child has strong comprehension skills because they are fluent readers, this is because many parents and teachers confuse fluency with comprehension. Many students can read a book fluently from cover to cover, yet they are unable to comprehend what they are reading.

Why Keep Our Children Home?

Rosa Mushega’s passion for education began at an early age in the city of Kampala where she was raised. She studied at Kitante Primary School and Gayaza High School. At the tender age of seven, Rosa was inspired to become an educator by her Grandmother, who was a teacher at Bweranyangi Girls school, and her Grandfather, who was a headmaster at Bweranyangi Boys school.

Canada Based Educationist Set To Launch New Teaching Programme In Uganda

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